Classical Music-Calming Cat & Canine

Can Classical Music Calm Your Cat & Canine?

Violin Strings From Cats Guts?

Legend has it that the strings of a violin were once made from cats guts. Perhaps that explains, in part, why playing a piece of classical music to your cat has such a calming effect.ย 

Not only cats but canines and plants respond positively when fed a dose of classical music, studies now reveal.

Why Cats Prefer Classical

Cat listening to calming Classical Music

โ€œMost cats like classical music, particularly George Handel compositions,โ€ according to Dr.Miguel Carriera, a veterinary surgeon at the University Of Lisbon, Portugal. During clinical evaluation, the cats display a calmer, tolerant and confident behavior.

Studies have suggested that classic music is the catโ€™s preference because it contains frequencies and tempos that match a catโ€™s purring and high-pitched meows.


Calming ย Music For Cats

Psychologists at the University of Wisconsin, Maryland are writing music โ€“ just for cats. The music mimics a pulsating catโ€™s purr and meows. The intent is to enrich the catโ€™s environment while helping them remain calm and relaxed.

Can Classical Music Calm Your Canine?

A Dogโ€™s Best friend?

It was once thought that man was a dogโ€™s best friend, and vice versa. Now new studies suggest that man could be replaced by music as a dogโ€™s best friend.

Through A Dogโ€™s Ears

Canine Enjoying Soothing Classical Sounds

We all have different musical tastes and preferences.Have you ever wondered what music sound like through a ย dogโ€™s ears? ย What genre of music can contribute to a calmer, happier dog?

One such study published in the journal ย โ€˜Physiology & Behaviour,โ€™ ย in whichย dogs were separated into two separate groups.

More Bach, Less Bark

One group of dogs were observed in silence while the other group had classical music by Bach pumped into their kennels. ย In the second week, the roles were reversed. The dogโ€™s heart rates, saliva samples, and behavioral traits were observed for a two-week period.

At the end of the second week, ย the dogsโ€™ stress levels in both groups decreased significantly after listening to classical music. Furthermore, when music was being played, the dogs spent less time standing and barking.

While studies on other genres of music upon dogs are inconclusive, listening to classical music has been proven beneficial to them.

Playing To Your Plants

Much closer, please.

Ever heard of a plant caressing a speaker?

Yet, that is exactly what happened in an experiment conducted by a group of university students in 1970. The plants were exposed to different genres of music.

The plants actually entwined themselves around

the speakers when the music of Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn & Schubert was played. However, when rock music was played, the plants actually leaned away from the source.

So does playing music to your plants really cause them to grow better?

Yes โ€“ but not just any genre of music but more specifically, classical or baroque. And if a single instrument is engaged, the violin seems to be the instrument of choice.

In fact, new studies have found that the best way to boost plant growth is through the soothing rhythms of classical music.

To this end, experiments in 1962 by Dr. T. C. Singh, head of the Botany department of Annamalia University, proved quite interesting. He concluded that balsam plants exposed to classical music accelerated 20% in height and 72% in biomass.

In another experiment, ย wheat produced a 66% increase in yield, when exposed to Baroque sounds and a J.S.Bach violin sonata.

The theory behind the science

Violin โ€“ Plantsโ€™ Instrument Of Choice
Itโ€™s In The Protoplasm.

According to Websterโ€™s dictionary, โ€œProtoplasm is defined as the usually colorless substance which is ย that living part of animal and plant cells.โ€

The theory is that the vibrations from your favorite piece of music accelerate the protoplasmic movement in the cells. This, in turn, aids in the plantโ€™s growth and results in a stronger, more vibrant plant.

So, pick up the violin and play to your plants. Itโ€™s a win, win.

โ€ฆBut keep an eye on your speakers.

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