Classical Music, Internet & You-tube Generation


โ€œMusic was my refuge. I could crawl into space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.โ€

โ€“ Maya Angelou (1928 โ€“ 2014)

Isย Classical musicย missing a beat?ย 

Has the music ofย ย Brach, Brahms & Beethovenย become alien to the under 40-generation?

At one time, perhaps, but no longer.ย  Not since the birth of the internetย andย you-tube generation.

Forย classical music lovers, the internet is the dawning of the golden age.

How the internet has saved classical music

There was a time when classical music was considered a dead or dying genre.

In fact, its disappearance from the television and other media between 1980 โ€“ 2000 gave some credence to this belief.

However, thanks to the internet, this has changed and continues to do so at an alarming rate.ย  So what role has the internet played in the salvation of classical music?ย  Consider this:

  • Internet browsing has made classical music more accessible to all.ย 
  • More information is readily available about composers and their compositions

    Classical Music & the New Technology

  • Listeners can hearย  snippets of a song or watch a video clip before purchasing
  • Shopping for concert tickets online has become a breeze
  • Digital sales are now the wave of the future due to lower marketing costs.ย 

The Classical Connection

The role of technology and the Internet on classical music.

Technology has brought a new excitement to music audiences like never before.
The compelling videos create an appreciation and empathy for the artist and an appetite which is not easily appeased.
Many musicians, for example, now engage audiences through interactive websites, promote live performances and their new recordings. People return for more information, give an opinion or comment.

So, what are some of the

Benefits of an On-Line Presenceย 

  • increased CD or Video sales
  • Sold out concerts
  • Increase your following and fan base
  • More attraction to producers, managers or recordย  companies
  • Contribute to building a classical music worldwide audience

Classical music, the Internetย  Andย  You-tube generation

Londonโ€™sย  classical music lovers were given the treat of a lifetime recently.

Toddlers, teenagers, and even seniors came out in droves to see the charismatic 28-year-old Gustavo Dudamel conduct the 120-strongย  Venezuelaโ€™s Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.

And the conductor โ€“ the dynamic, charismatic, 28-year old Venezuelan virtuoso Gustavo Dudamel. No disappointment here. In fact,ย after the playing of Tchaikovskyโ€™s 4th symphony, the audience brought the house down.ย They raised the roof with their applause and flung their colorful jackets into the crowd with excitement and exuberance.

The You-Tube-Symphony Orchestra

You-Tube Generation Classical Concert Orchestra
ย Enter the You-Tube-Symphony Orchestra โ€“ composingย  96 musicians from all around the globe.

Their primary meeting and auditioning place โ€“ the internet.ย 

Yet, after only 2 days of rehearsals in person, their concert at Carnegie Hall was sold-out.


The under- 40 generation have embraced the new technology with open arms.

The production and presentation of classical music through the internet have bred new life into a dying genre.
A younger generation like Mr. Dudamelย and Chinese pianistย Lang Lang are seizing the batons and running.

Their ways of communication are fresh, engaging and often surprising when contrasted with traditional methods.

โ€˜Weโ€™ve come a long way, baby,โ€™ and for classical music lovers like myself, โ€˜the beat goes on.โ€™


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