Kids Musical Instruments

โ€œItโ€™s easy to play any musical instrument, all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.โ€ย ย โ€“ Johann S. Bach.

One of the youngest and greatest composer musicians ever was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He could play tunes on the piano at aged three and began composing when he was merely four years old.

Are we all born with a โ€˜musical giftโ€˜ or just a select few?ย  Is talentย a gift at birth or something we acquire over time?

For most of us, I suspect, whatever gifts or talents we were born with still requires fine-tuning.

As one anonymous writer put it, โ€œwhat you have is Godโ€™s gift to you, what you become is your gift to Godโ€œ

Why early exposure to a musical instrument is key to a childโ€™s development?

Weโ€™ve all heard of the Mozart effect, which demonstrates the incalculable positive benefits of a childโ€™s early exposure to music.ย 

Additional benefitsย  may also include:

  • increase sensory developmentย  and coordination
  • help toddler improve numeracy, literacy and vocabulary
  • improve mood and lift depression
  • encourage social interaction.

Choosing The Right Kids Musical Instrument

With a plethora of musical instruments at their disposal, perhaps theย keyย to their musical career isย exposure.

Allow them to follow their hearts and inclinations. Normally, it will lead them in the right direction.

I would recommend private tutoring or online lessons to keep the child engaged.

However, the parentโ€™s presence, participation and praise is paramount to the childโ€™s progress.

Most Popular Kids Musical Instrumentsย 


โ€œIโ€™ll play myย best for him a-rum-per-dum-dum.โ€

Drumsย are a great way to for children to learn rhythm and vent their frustrations at the same time.

A mini 5-piece drum set is recommended for kids too small for the full size, and ear-plugs for parents who cannot tolerate their practice.


Unlike the drums, the ukelele is a relatively quiet instrument, so that your childโ€™s practice can indeed becomeย music to your ears. Learning new chords and songs can be a funfilled experience resulting in countless hours of pleasure and enjoyment for all.


The violin, it is said, is the one instrument that best resembles the human voice. It is ideal for children under the age of six because of its very small size and easy handling. Countless violinistsย have mastered the instrument over the years but perhaps the greatest everย wasย Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840)ย who played very difficult pieces on a single string.

The Piano/Keyboard

These are probably the best instruments for children to begin, even from birth, according to the experts.

The piano was the starting point for composers such as Mozart and Beethoven who became world famous classical music icons.

The keyboard is an electronic version of the piano and both instruments are great for learning music fundamentals and a stepping stone to other instruments.


A great introduction to stringed instruments for kids on their musical journey is the guitar.ย There are many variations of this instrument but the two main categories are acoustic and electric. Jimmy Hendrix (blues), Les Paul (Jazz, country) and Andres Segovia (classical) are just a few famous guitarists who started at a very early age.


The Recorderย can be described as a fun instrument, ideal for young children due to its small size and flexibility. The recorder can serve as a great introduction toย the woodwind family, whose other members include the flute, clarinet and saxophone.


Perhaps the best word to describe the Saxophone is versatility.ย Coming in a number of different sizes and genres, the saxophone is one of the most popular instruments among students. Whether youโ€™re a Rock, Jazz, Blues or R&B lover, youโ€™ll find saxophonists are in great demand.

In conclusion, could your child be the next Mozart or Beethoven?

Perhaps notโ€ฆbutย  what is a home without music?

Consider the countless hours of sheer bliss you may have missed.

The joy is in the journey.ย Celebrate small achievements.ย  Be patient and proactive.

Remember, your presence, participation and praise is paramount to the childโ€™s progress.


Any comments, constructive criticisms and suggestion are greatly appreciated.


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