About me

Hi, I’m Vincent,                                                                                             

better known as “Vince.”                                                                                                              

I’m the youngest of eight children, born and bred in New Providence, the capital city of the chain of 700 Islands of the Bahamas.  We are situated in the Caribbean, less than 200 miles off the southern coast of Florida.

Many years ago, I heard a true story about Ted,  a very sick individual whom the doctors have given up all hope.

He had actually been sent home to die, but an old friend advised him to listen to classical/orchestral music for no less than 1/2 hour each night before bed.

Ted’s recovery was remarkable although, granted, other factors may have contributed to this as well.

Being a classical music lover, I found this story very intriguing and so I decided to explore this phenomenon more fully.

Verifiable research shows that – not only humans – but also plants and animals – benefit immensely from classical music.

Hence my website, classicalmusicismedicine.com

My journey begins…

I am a lover of all genres of music – but classical in particular.

I play an acoustic guitar, although primarily in small group settings or for personal enjoyment.

I have a vast collection of music albums produced in various formats such as vinyl and cassette tapes. Famous among them are Leonard Bernstein, Anne Murray, and Frank Sinatra.  Of course, no collection is complete without a Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms,  founding “fathers” of the Classical, Romantic and Baroque eras.

As a hobby I also write poetry, and,  in closing would like to share one of my latest posts, a palindrome poem, which expresses my love for music.


Is medicine

Ingested daily and liberally

Changing mood and soothing mind

Relaxes rejuvenates weary bodies

Spirits downcast uplifting

August and inspiring

Mellifluous music


Music mellifluous

Inspiring and august

Uplifting downcast spirits

Bodies weary rejuvenates, relaxes

Mind soothing and mood changing

Liberally and daily ingested

Medicine is


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. My e-mail  address is vince@classicalmusicismedicine.com

Thanks in advance,