Classic Music Changes Lives

Classical Music Changes Lives 

Can Classical Music Change Lives?

Can classical music improve a person’s  mental, physical or emotional well-being?

Is there any documented evidence or empirical study to support this claim?

 Cow’s Milk, Anyone?        

Back in the year 2001, a team of research scientists from the University Of Leicester in the UK found that  when cows were fed a daily dose of classical music, the quality of their milk improved.

If classical music can do that for cows, imagine what it can do for me and you?

Who has not heard of the Mozart effect?

A team of researchers published a study* to quantify the connection between listening to Mozart and a child’s Intelligence Quotient. The results showed exponential growth in the child’s intelligence in just a few short years.

Additionally, exposing premature born children to Mozart for just 30 minutes a day, resulted in their increased growth and development.

Ever heard about the Vivaldi effect?

Antonio Vivaldi was a virtuoso violinist and composer, whose was best remembered for his masterpiece, “The Four Seasons.”

According to Northumbria university study, subjects showed improved accuracy and less response time in the performance of tasks, after listening to Vivaldi.

New Brain Food.

In fact listening to Vivaldi’sFour seasons,” has been heralded as the new brain food.

We’ve already discussed several benefits of music therapy in Music & Medicine

There is a plethora of research documenting the  benefits of  listening to classic music – such as:

Higher IQ

Improved alertness and Memory

Better quality of sleep

Depression and dementia

High blood pressure a problem? 

Now there is hope  for high blood pressure victims.

Research from the University of San Diego* found that listening to classical music for only 1/2 hour a day can help stabilize raising blood pressure levels.

But who would have thought of  using  classic music as a crime fighting prevention vehicle?

Classic Music & Crime                 

Can music actually play a part in reducing violent crime, drug addiction and the a host of societal ills?

In the year 2003,  city officials started playing classical music at several train stations in London.

The reasoning was that, since a lot of crime is impulsive – then external stimuli – such as as classical music  –  could have a soothing effect on primeval behavior.

Did it work?

It is often said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating – and the  results were simply astounding.

In as little as 18 months – there were substantial  decreases in robberies, assaults on staff and vandalism. In fact, the plan was so successful that a similar strategy was implemented in Portland, with police calls decreasing by some 40%.


El Sistema

El Sistema is a voluntary music education founded by a  Venezuela  musician, educator and activist                                                                                              Antonio Abreu, in 1975.

“El” Sistema” simply means “system” and is synonymous with                                        the word “network.”

      The social action for music program has become so successful in impacting the lives of children in Venezuela that it has been adopted in                   the U.S., England and other countries.

Over 300,000 children in Venezuela have had their lives changed by the program, and they love to boast about it.

“I would have been dead, or still smoking pot,” said a french horn player from the Silver Bolivar Youth Orchestra. “Joining the orchestra not only changed my life, but my whole family’s.”

He went on to say that his father was drinking far too much, and his brothers had dropped out of school.

“But when I got hooked on my instrument, my father stopped drinking and one by one, my brothers went back to school.”

So back to the original question – Can classical music change your life?

Answer:  Classic music not only changes lives – but saves them too.



Any question, comments, criticisms or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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4 thoughts on “Classic Music Changes Lives

  1. Excellent Read regarding Classic Music, Did not know much about classic music until I read your article and how important it is to our spirit, soul and body. I know certain types of music can really change the way we behave emotionally including changing the whole atmosphere surrounding us on a daily basis due to all the physical and mental stress we might face each and every day of our lives.

    Thank you for this Information!

    1. Thanks Jerrid,

      I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

      I find the continued research confirming the beneficial effects of classical music on the whole man, fascinating.

      Again, thanks for your encouraging comments.

  2. I really have liked your post here on how classical music changes lives, I had heard something about it a long time ago but I think that was about how they played it to cows as you have mentioned here.

    I wasn’t aware of any other studies done and I’m amazed at the effects that it has on people and their health.

    The effects it has on people’s behaviour is also astounding, from turning people away from crime to helping them straightening out their lives too.

    Thank you for sharing this post as it has bee quite an eye opener and we should be hearing more about this as well.

    1. Thanks, Adrian for taking time to read and respond. I appreciate your kind comments, encouragement and suggestion.

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