Classical Music Saves Lives

Classical Music Saves Lives

“Pie .. before I die”

The story is told of a husband on his sick bed who was about to die. He  motioned to his son, sitting at his bedside and whispered, “Son, I have one wish before I die.”

What is it, Dad?” the son asked. ”

“I would like a piece of Mom’s apple-strudel pie. Please ask Mom to send  a piece for me.”

“Okay, Dad,” the son responded, and off he went.

“Ah,” his father said to himself, patiently waiting, “Mom’s apple-strudel pie.”

Hearing  his  son return to his room, he said -” bring it right here, son.”

“No Dad, I’m sorry,” the son responded, “Mom said you can’t have any.”

Shocked, his  Dad replied, “what do you mean, I can’t have any?”

“Mom said the pie is for after the funeral.”


Influence Of Classical Music On Sick Or Dying Patients

Whereas the role of music in intensive care patients, is somewhat unclear, it has been documented that  relaxing music is very important in intensive care medicine. Studies  suggest music decreases anxiety and stress levels  for patients in preoperative settings, and may contribute to a faster recovery rate.

Whereas  some benefits can be obtained from  other forms of music, classical (Bach, Mozart, or Italian composers) and meditation music provided the most health benefits in intensive care patients.  This type of music has come to be known as the “ideal” therapy for “treating” patients with

  • anxiety
  • depressive syndromes
  • cardiovascular disturbances
  • pain, stress or
  • sleep disturbances.

However, studies also suggest and warn against listening to heavy mental or techno music as these are not only ineffective but may lead to life-threatening conditions for intensive care patients. This music can cause both heart rate and blood pressure to increase  by encourages rage, disappointment and aggressive behavior.

“Must hear music before you die “

There are so many  highly acclaimed classical musical masterpieces. Below are just three of the recommended  must hear before you die,” all time greats. More on this subject at a later date.

  • Handel’s Messiah
    George F. Handel

    a fixture for the Christmas  season, this piece was written by a man  Ludwig Van Beethoven described as the “greatest composer who ever lived”George Frederick Handel. It stills mesmerizes listeners 250 years after the composers’ death, from the opening line “comfort ye, comfort ye, my people, saith your God” to the very end.


  • Vivaldi – the four seasons. – This is the best known of Vivaldi’s works. It consists of a group of 4 violin concerts – by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, each giving expression to the season of the year. In fact, listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has been described as the new brain food.


  • The Marriage Of Figaro

The characters come alive in this hilarious opera, described as the greatest ever written, by the renowned composed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Regarding this piece- a journalist wrote –  “contains so many beauties, and such richness of thought, that could only come from a genius.”

What do you think?

What are some of your “must-hear” classical favorites?

Your comments, questions or suggestions are greatly appreciated.




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