Classical Music & Children

Can listening to classical music actually increase one’s IQ?

Let’s ask the late,  great Albert Einstein – a genius by any yardstick.

Einstein performed badly in school until, one day, his parents bought him a violin. He discovered that after playing the violin, it became easier to decipher various equations.  He is on record as saying,

Albert Einstein
At Aged Three
Courtesy of Wikimedia

“it occurred to me by intuition, and the music was the driving force behind the intuition.”

So parents – never mind the latest pair of tennis shoes – instead, buy your child a musical instrument. Who knows, perhaps he may become the next Einstein?

So far on our journey, we’ve examined a few of the many benefits of classical music. These included relieving stress, dementia or related illnesses and influencing emotional behaviors.

Childhood Development

Now there is evidence, based upon research conducted, to prove that classical music can improve childhood development and stimulate memory, resulting in better exam results.

Several years ago,  an experiment in Los Angeles revealed the impact music had on schoolchildren. The children’s spatial-temporal reasoning test skills increased by as much as 43 percent after receiving keyboard lessons.  Of note also, were experiments conducted by Bulgarian psychologist, Dr. George Lozanov in the 1950’s and ’60’s.  His methods, in incorporating  classical music  which uses a 60 beat per minute interval helped students to:

  • retain vocabulary information for half a school year in just one day
  • learn foreign languages in less than a month at 85 -100 percent efficiency and
  • Recall information almost perfectly after four years without review.

Mozart Effect 

Children Excel At Study & Exams

Professors Frances Rauscher and Dr. Gordon Shaw, in a 1993 experiment, showed the effect of  Wolfgang A. Mozart’s music upon the student. Known as the Mozart Effect, this study showed that listening to Mozart’s music before studying induced relaxation,   increased student’s IQ and memorization.

The bottom line was that students received better exam results on certain types of tests.

So, pass the music. Increase the IQ. Improve the grades!


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