Classical Music Controversy

Is classical music dead or alive?  Does it still appeal to the younger generation? Is it still relevant in today’s society, or has the fat lady already sung?



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 Two Views

Classical music is not only dying but dead –

Here’s why:

Dead Composers

Dying Audience 

No money – declining CD & MP3 sales

Lack Of interest

Boring – performers dull and glamorous

Stuffy and pretentious

Decline in public classical competitions

Indifference – especially  with the younger generations

Popular music’s appeal – especially to the younger generation


In support of this view, CNN reported that “classical music in its now traditional sense, has seen better days.”

 Major symphonic orchestras such as the New York City Opera have, in the last five years, either gone on strike or filed for bankruptcy. 

And, according to a study by the National Endowment For Arts, older Americans were the only demographic group which saw an increase in attendance over a decade ago.


Classical Music Is Alive And Well-

Here’s why:

  • Audience attendance at classical concerts in the UK  up 16% since 2010.
  • The Internet  –  uploading of videos makes everything more accessible.
  • Classical concerts are becoming more innovative       
  • It’s in cinemas all over the country
  • It’s viral                                                                                  
  • It’s cheaper than football



Undoubtedly, two the  best reasons, classical music is alive and well are these:

Eric Whitacre – one of today’s great composers. Eric is using social media to connect, share ideas and encourage new composers.

Andre Rieu is to classical music what Lebron James is to basketball, and Tom Brady is to football. Like them or hate them, you have to respect them because they are unstoppable.

Andre has popularized many of the classical tunes of yesteryear and continues to perform to worldwide audiences. He has made more money than one can count and has invested much of it into developing new and upcoming composers.

What Has Changed

According to George Trudeau, Director Centre For Performing Arts At Penn State,”classical music is alive and well.” “What has changed,” he suggested, was that there were now more avenues for classical performance than before, such as radio and internet.

What do you think?

Your comments, questions, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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