Health Benefits Of Classical Music

“Classical music is the kind we keep thinking will turn into a tune.”                                                                                                                                                                      –Kin Hubbard


 You’re heard it so many times, it sounds like a scorched record – yet, there are…

Amazing Health Benefits of listening to Classical Music

In fact, these health benefits are simply amazing, accessible  – but also easily verifiable and scientifically proven.

What’s even more amazing is classical music’s affordability, and your wallet will be none the wiser for it.

In this post, we will examine just a few of those benefits.

Truth be told, however, there are benefits to be had from listening to any genre of music, 

so what’s so special about Classical music?

Health Benefits: boost brain power and memory.

The Mozart Effect

“The Mozart effect” is based on an experiment first published in Nature which suggested that listening to the music of  Mozart boosts scores on students IQ tests.  Research results also saw short-term improvement in certain kinds  “mental tasks” called spatial-temporal reasoning. In short, it makes you smarter.

Mood changer and stress reliever

Feeling anxious and stressed out?  Chances are you need a  classical music massage

Taking a few minutes to listen to classical music has the same physiological effect as a message, researchers have found.  This simple technique helps to relieve stress and depression by causing a positive chemical reaction within your brain and reducing cortisol levels in the body. This, in turn, allows subjects to relax to the max.

By all means, avoid listening to hard rock or club music when feeling anxious or depressed,  as this will only make a bad situation worse.

Health Benefits: calms minds, relaxes the body and facilitates sleep.

A random study of college students substituted random sleep aids for just 45 minutes of classical music therapy.

Unsurprisingly, the students showed vast improvement in the duration and quality of sleep.


Improves Physical Performance

Not Just Exercise – It’s Physical Therapy

What is your favorite sport?  Running, working out in the gym?  Whatever it is, you  can maximize your workout  by listening to your favorite “selection of songs.”

According to scientific studies conducted, the right music mix boosts endurance and improves overall motivation.

Research, however,  also suggest that any genre of music  – not merely classical – will produce the same benefits. 


Classical Music May Help Normalize Blood Pressure

Okay, so what if I suffer from High Blood pressure – can classical music do anything for me?

You betcha!

According to a study in the Journal Of Health Psychology, participants who listened to classical music significantly lowered their blood pressure levels as opposed to those who did not.   Researchers found that listening to the music relieves stress, improving better heart rhythm and thus normalizing blood pressure levels.

More Productivity in the Workplace

Whistling in the workplace?  

Researchers have discovered an almost effortless way to increase accuracy and productivity in the workplace.

Yes, playing Bach or Baroque music in the reading room at hospitals also increased work satisfaction, according to research from the University of Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Who knows, it may even leave you whistling in the workplace.

Better, Healthier Relationships

What is your personality type?  Are you an introvert, apathetic individual?

Research is ongoing about the emotional effects of listening to classical music, but so far they are revolutionary.

Volunteers were required, in a study by the Southern Methodist University, to write about the most significant event in their lives. Some participants had classical music playing in the background, while others didn’t. The results showed that the former group was much more willing to disclose information than the latter.

Beyond the page – classical music can help you open up to new friendships and relationships.

As incredible as it may sound, listening to classical music can actually improve your emotional state – and actually put a smile on the most melancholy face.

So what are you waiting for? Just pass the medicine.



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