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CHILDREN’S CLASSICS STORIES IN MUSIC                                                              

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Product: Maestro Classics 12 CD Set

Price: $149.95

Overall Rank: *****


Accompanied by the superb London Philharmonic Orchestra, this is a fantastic collection of children’s classic stories put to music.  Highly recommended for kids of all ages,  these stories come to life in an uplifting, entertaining and educational environment.

All CD’s come with a 24-page activity book.

Included in this amazing 12-CD set are:

  • Peter & The Wolf
  • The Nutcracker &
  • The Story Of Swan Lake

Peter & The Wolf

Peter, a young boy, decides to disobey his parents and climb over a garden wall.  Lo and behold – behind the wall he encounters a wolf and the drama begins.  Thanks to some friends – a bird, cat, and dog – however, he was able to capture the wolf and return it to the zoo.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Grammy-nominated conductor Stephen Simon as well as narrator Yada combine to make Peter & The Wolf a magical listening experience.

The Peter & The Wolf CD,  as with all CD’s, can be purchased separately at the very economical price of $16.98, inclusive of activity book and free shipping.

  • The Nutcracker 

Clara receives a nutcracker for Christmas and wonderful things begin to happen. The Nutcracker is considered one the world’s most famous ballet and is sure to delight the young, and not-so-young alike.

  • The Story Of Swan Lake

This is a classic, enchanting story of a prince who falls in love with a beautiful princess. However, an evil magician casts a spell on the princess which turns her into a swan. Only by proving his true love for the princess can the spell be broken.

Some of the remaining  CD’s that comprise the set  include the humorous Carnival Of the Animals, the thrilling

Casey At The Bat and highly entertaining Tortoise and the Hare.     

Children’s Classical Stories In Music

 CD’s Or MP3

All CD’s can be purchased separately at for the price of $16.98, including a 24-page activity booklet along plus free shipping.

For the more tech-savvy, among us, this collection is also available in Mp3 format at the price of $9.98 each,  for all computer and mobile devices.

Alternatively,  the entire collection in Mp3 format is also available for the reduced price of  $99.98,  $10.00 off the regular 13 mp-3 collections.

The 24-page activity booklet in PDF format is also included with the download.

Included with  CD’s and Mp3’s  are:
the composer’s biography and a sing/dance along track.

Name: Maestro Classics Stories In Music


Owners: Stephen & Bonnie Simon

Product: Maestro Classics MP3 Collection
Price: $99.98
Overall  Rank: *****


Reviews & Awards

Rave customer reviews have been abundant.

One teacher found them ideal for classroom, rainy days at home and car rides.

Another customer, Pei Ling says,

“This set of CDs is superb. The narration is great and has very informative musical tidbits. The orchestra is wonderful too. We have learned so much about the different styles of music from the CDs and my children begged to listen to them during our road trip.” 

Press reviews from such esteemed organization like Washington Post and School Library Journal  have also highly

endorsed this amazing music collection.

This fantastic collection has received over fifty (50) National Awards including:

NAPPA (National Parenting Centre Award), Gold Award                    

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Platinum Award &

Creative Child Magazine Award, Preferred Choice Awards


So whether CD or MP3 format, why not check it out here at



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